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A Serbian, a Frenchman and a Puerto Rican enter a bar...

No, it's not the beginning of a joke, it's how Expack was born.

Giannina Amato "The Puerto Rican"

“Nina” started her career as one of Puerto Rico's first digital copywriters. She quickly became the head of the creative department at Nobox, where she worked for clients such as Mozilla, Marriott, and Toyota. Her concept, 'Download Day' marked the launch of Firefox 3.0 and also set a Guinness World Record for the most downloads of a single piece of software in a day (8,002,530). Her passion for food and the love she has for her country have fueled her most important projects including Expack.

Andrej Kostresevic "The Serbian"

Andrej was born and raised in Serbia. He moved to the US at 17, in order to escape the war, and pursue his passions in the world of high tech entrepreneurship. He now has over 20 years of experience in the mobile and cloud engineering fields within startups and Fortune 500s. He has founded several successful companies including Nomads and Expack.

Julien Verfaillie "The Frenchman"

Julien is our engineering ninja. He brings with him more than 10 years of experience in building websites and launching mobile apps to over millions users. He also brings the baguettes, and the crepes and all the yummy French goodies!

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