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Which country do you call home?



The French Expack is tres cool! Madeleines, those Lays that you can't find in the US (poulet rôti anyone?), Le Petit Marseillais...

$35.00 - $186.00

Yes, there's carnaval and amazing beaches but Brazil has some of the world's tastiest food and snacks. From Pipoca Doce to Bananinha...we have them all!


The UK has some awesome food and snacks! From Maltesers to Hobnobs, we're obsessed with all of them.


Germany has some of the world's best beer but it also has some of the world's best snacks!
Around the World


Taste a different country each month with our "Around the World" Expack. It's a great gift too!
Canada Demi


The new Expack Demi will surprise you with 1.5lb of Canadian goodies for only $19.99 a month!
Balkan Box


If you celebrated having 100 dinar in your pocket and feeling like millionaire by drinking a cold Cockta, this box is for you! Get all your childhood favorites delivered to your door every month including Smoki, Eurocrem and more!
Tim Hortons - Big Box


Get three 300g. bags of fresh Tim Hortons grounds every month!

$35.00 - $204.00

Land of the free and home of the best snacks in the world. Have you ever tried buying peanut butter outside of the US? If so, you'll get why Expack is so amazing!

$35.00 - $204.00

Cheezies, Smarties, Coffee Crisp, Ketchup Chips...we have it all!
Tim Hortons - Two Bags


Get two 300g. bags of fresh Tim Hortons grounds every month!

We are working hard to include more countries. Want to see yours next? Let us know!